Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twisting it Out.

At this time of year where superfluous drinking and eating is the norm, a great way to detoxify your body is through any kind of twist. Below are two poses that don't require much balance and can be held for a longer period of time to really feel the benefits. Traditional Sanskrit texts say that twists have the ability to increase appetite, destroy most deadly diseases, and awaken kundalini, a spiritual energy that lies dormant in our body until we awaken it.

Try holding each pose for 60 seconds, bring the spine back to neutral and then move to the other side. You can repeat this as many times as feels good.

Twisted Malasana
- Tones belly
-Stretches groin, ankles and back torso
-Energizes the spine

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
- Stimulates liver and kidneys
-Stimulates digestion
-Relieves cramps
-Therapeutic for asthma

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  1. These are simple poses! I will give them a try but have my doubts about returning the spine to neutral.