Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walk Steady

Walking is a great, low impact exercise both for people wanting to lose weight, and also for those who simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With no equipment or gym required the only thing you have to set aside is the time, which is sometimes the hardest part. However, consider what your health is worth and toy with the idea of giving up your nightly fix of reality TV for something that is guaranteed to benefit your life. Below is a one week program that can help you focus your walks and get the most out of your time.

One Week Walking Plan:

Monday- Rest/Easy
20-30 minute walk where your breath is normal and you could easily carry on a conversation.

Tuesday- Speed Intervals (30-40 Minutes)
Warm up 10 minutes
Alternate 30 seconds of fast-paced walking (where you would not be able to hold a conversation) with 2 minutes at an easy pace. Repeat 8-12 times.
Cool Down 10 minutes

Wednesday- Recovery
45-6o minute walk at an easy pace.

Thursday- Threshold Workout #1 (50-60 Minutes)
Warm up 10 minutes
Alternate 8 minutes of quick-paced walking with 2 minutes easy. Repeat 3-4 times.
Cool Down 10 minutes

Friday- Recover
Light walk (20 minutes) or rest.

Saturday- Threshold Workout #2 (40-50 Minutes)
Warm up 10 minutes
20-30 minutes of brisk walking (Pace where it would be difficult to hold a conversation)
Cool Down 10 minutes

Sunday- Long
5-8km walk at moderate pace.

Walking TIPS:
-Focus on your stride- A slower pace should have a long, natural stride; when you speed up take short, quick steps.
-Invest in proper shoes
-Use your arms
-Check your posture: back is straight, shoulders are back, tummy is sucked in, and eyes are forward.

** Try not to get discouraged if you miss one of the days or find it difficult to complete the full walk. Simply pick up where you left off and do what you can. Maybe you bust out 20 minutes on your lunch break, and save the remaining 30 minutes for after dinner; the point is you are moving!

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  1. This will be very useful for our Team "Biggest Loser Challenge". Thank you.