Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spartan Race

Last Saturday I competed in the Spartan Race in North Vancouver with 3 friends from GWA... The 5km course was comprised of a number of obstacles, not limited to, but including: jumping over fire, wading through a rushing river, scaling a large wooden wall, and crawling through mud under a net of barbed wire. It was definitely harder than I expected, and VERY dirty, but made all those burpees we do at the gym seem like a walk in the park....

Challenge #1... I've seen bigger fires ;)
Near the end of the course... scaling some ropes
Try shimmying along this wall with slippery mud covering your hands!
Final Challenge: Make it through these two Spartans.
Washing off at the end of the race.
Our Team! Me, Horkoff, Alsy and Gareth

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