Thursday, July 7, 2011

Your Body: A Declaration of Love

I am your body.

Your elegant protection. Your outer shell and armour.

Given to you. A gift. To teach the greater lessons of your life.

I am the gut feeling. The butterflies in your stomach. The tingle in your spine.

I am the conduit for energy that allows you to live the life your spirit desires.

Even when I am broken, tired, weary, or aching, I am the heart of your endurance. Your carrier.

I will teach you the meaning of willpower when you let go of the extra weight. The meaning of patience when you sprain an ankle. The meaning of presence when you flow and breathe in yoga. The meaning of acceptance when you look in the mirror and feel nothing but an overwhelming gratitude.

I will ground you and lift you up. Be the source of endless inspiration. I will be the beginning, and the starting point that changes everything.

I will be with you in the end. This vessel that carries you through life.

Your beating heart. Your breathing lungs. Your strong legs and awakened eyes.

I am your body.

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