Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nothin' but a Number

"Have you ever noticed that those who exercise regularly look younger than those who don’t?
Although we have no control over our chronological age, our biological age is within our control.
Biological age refers to the time that has passed since body cells last regenerated. When exercised, the body must regenerate its cells more rapidly than when idle. Depending on activity level, six to eight months from now our bodies will have regenerated nearly 100 percent of their tissue at the cellular level. This new tissue will literally be made up of what we eat between now and then.”
- Brendan Brazier The Thrive Diet

Ummm... does anyone else think this is kind of incredible!? The body is truly amazing and this message from Vancouver-based professional Ironman and author, Brendan Brazier, is just one more motivator to make fitness a part of your routine and lifestyle. 

Forget botox! Just get the heart pumping, blood flowing, and cells regenerating! Love it.

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