Friday, July 12, 2013

Fondo by Number

160 Number of kilometers from Penticton to Summerland, Osoyoos and back in the 3rd Annual Valley First Gran Fondo

  1326 Number of riders taking part in the “big ride” this year

904 My rank among those 1326

60 The KM mark where I burned my legs to the ground by riding hard on Jon Bula’s wheel...

50 The speed in KM/hour we were going when I probably should have been ‘pacing’ myself

9 Number of ladies from GWA who crushed this ride… a first for many! (Christa, Shayne, Jody, Laura, Pam, Kate R, Jess, Kim, Me)

6  Number of water bottles and/or Gatorade I consumed over the course of my day. Which led to…

5 The number of port-o-potties I was forced to enter.

2500 Calories In

4000+ Calories Out 

1 Number of times Jon Bula literally pushed me up the hill. I’m talking physically pushed me…. Also the number of times I veered off the road and almost crashed #scary

200+ Number of “hashtags” I muttered to myself during the day

6 Hours it took me to finish

"Thank yous" to my riding girls in Vancouver, Pam Bula for sticking out the day with me, and Jon, the best Domestique ever.


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