Friday, July 5, 2013

Canada Day Climb

The Canada Day long weekend included lots of wine, food, sun and outdoor activity!

Troy and I climbed Seymour on Monday which was about an hour and 15 minutes of pure.... climbing. 
Seymour is no joke, but I actually don't mind hills. My go-to strategy is to stay in the lowest gear with a high cadence as I find that this saves my legs from being overworked.  I stand only when I really need a break from sitting and want to slow down my legs for 20 seconds or so.
I also stand in the last 200 meters of the hill in order to beat Troy to the top #naturally 

Anyway, we followed the climb up with some paddle boarding and a swim in Deep Cove which was beautiful and relaxing and felt incredible after the heat of our ride.  

Troy just killing it in that outfit #fit 
It's hard to look athletic on a bike while climbing... 

11km down. 1 to go. 

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