Monday, April 4, 2011

Are You Ready for Summer??

April is definitely the time where the last 6 months of unhealthy eating and not a lot of activity kick in. The nights stay brighter for longer, and when the sun is out, it can almost pass for warm... At this time, it is amazing the new flock of people that suddenly appear at the gym striving to get "beach ready"... While I love them for this sudden inspiration and renewed dedication, I also want to shake them for not simply sticking with a consistent routine year round.

Now more than ever I am approached with questions about the 'quick fix'. Everyone wants a six pack when they can no longer hide behind their winter clothing. Well, there is no quick fix, but definitely some things we can all do to get ready for the season of smaller outfits.

Here is a quick Abs Routine you can incorporate into your own workout, or simply do on it's own:

Round 1- Full-Sit Ups x 20 .... Bicycles x 20 per side...1/2 Bicycles x 20 per side (Hold right knee in and keep your left leg straight and hovering about an inch off the ground. Place your hands behind your head and rotate to the left as you aim to touch your left armpit to the right knee).

Round 2- High Knees 1 Minute... Hold Plank 1 Minute

Round 3- Butt Lift with Leg Drop x 20 (Lay face up on the floor with your hands underneath your low back for support. Bring your legs straight up in the air and try to touch the ceiling with your toes. Drop the legs slowly about an inch from the floor and repeat)

Round 4- Tuck Jumps x 10... Hold Plank 1 Minute

Repeat 3 times

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