Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cold Cure

This last week I have been feeling a little under the weather... the usual symptoms of a cold where really all you can do is go easy on yourself and let it run its course. Instead of medicating myself with drugs, I have been trying to pump my body full of vitamin C rich foods (grapefruit, oranges etc), lots of water, vitamins and sleep... I am killing my cold with kindness...
However, the real cure came to me yesterday when I discovered a tiny tea shop about 50 steps from my front door in Yaletown: O-Cha Tea Bar. There they serve a COLD BUSTER tea which not only warmed me up, but soothed my sore throat and cough almost on impact.

Here is the gist of what goes into it:
- 1 black tea bag (leave it in)
- 1 shot of orange juice
- A squeeze of honey
- 1 lemon slice
- A healthy dash of cayenne pepper on top

Although this concoction can easily be recreated at home, there was something soothing in itself about standing in the small tea shop and chatting with the owner amongst his diverse range of spices and tea flavours... If you are in the area I would definitely check it out.

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  1. I love that. Growing up in England, regardless of the problem - health or emotional - the answer was always a cup of tea.