Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1/2 Ironman Victoria

On Sunday I completed my first 1/2 Ironman in Victoria and the experience truly made me believe that whatever you set your mind to, you can TOTALLY do.

My final time was 5 hours and 49 minutes (11 minutes under my goal)...
Swim 1.9 km 43 Minutes/ Bike 86 km 3.07 Hours/ Run 21km 1.46 Hours

I have to say that for all my fears and anxieties about not completing the race, or just not feeling great while doing it, those almost 6 hours literally flew by and I did actually enjoy every moment (well, once I got out of the water anyway... )

So much of endurance racing is taking control of your thoughts and using your mind as a tool rather than a weapon... The only thing I kept thinking was that I had prepared for this, and that there was no reason why I shouldn't do well. I knew that my body would come through for me... and it did.

At the end I felt great and can't wait for a 2nd go on July 3rd in Vancouver!

Transition station... Bike, Boost, Bars, and Blocks.

Troy D.

The tri-suit I was testing for Sugoi's new line... Felt awesome!
Bev, Me and Erin at the finish line :)
Troy and Me

Other athletes after the race


  1. Sooooo proud of our girl. Congratulations to both you and Troy. Mx

  2. you remind me of this hot model i know... contrats on your race!