Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Workout Boost. Juice

I love juicing... I love it even more when friends get a juicer and start demanding recipes of me :) 
Since I tend to just throw things in at random, the request sets me perusing through various resources where I inevitably find some very yummy concoctions.  Here is a really good one for before a workout as the beets, apple and carrot will provide your body with a kick of natural sugar, and the cucumber and celery will alkalize your body and diffuse some of that sweetness. 

You need: 
2 beets 
2 carrots 
1/2 an apple 
1/2 a cucumber 
6 celery stalks 
Chunk of ginger (if you like the idea of 'spicier' tasting juice, one with some kick, up the ginger) 

picture: http://www.hellolately.com/2012/06/eat-it-carrot-celery-apple-beet-juice.html

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