Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yoga Quickie

1- Standing Forward Fold- keep knees softly bent and let head hang heavy... bend your knees so much that your belly drapes over your thighs.
2- 1/2 Moon Pose- As your body bends to the right, think about pushing your hips over to the left in order to elongate your side body.
3- Three Legged Down Dog- Focus on pressing into the floor here and bend the knee of whichever leg is in the air. When comfortable, start to stack your hips one on top of the other in order to open up the hips.
4- Low Lunge with a twist- Your back knee could also be on the floor here for more stability.
5- Low Lunge- Press the hips forward and start to arch back for a mini back-bend.
6- Triangle Pose- Work to keep your legs engaged by drawing the inner thighs together.
7- Plank Pose- Perfect alignment of shoulder over elbow will help you stay up longer. Draw your bellybutton towards your spine to tone.
8- Yogi Squat- If the soles of your feel come up off the ground here, roll up a mat to place underneath for support. Use your elbows to press into your inner thighs to open the knees up. Keep chest up and shoulders back.

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