Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spinner 60 Minutes

The Oliver 1/2 Ironman is in 18 weeks...and training officially started yesterday!
My newest blog read is from a pro-cyclist Frayed Laces

Here is one of her Indoor Spin workouts that I tried last night...
5:00 at an easy pace
6:00 one leg drills done as 3x (1:00 right leg, 1:00 left leg
4:00 of : 30 spin ups (spin up to maximum rpm you can hold without bouncing), : 30 pedal easy
2:00 pedal easy
3:00 seated in big chain ring and 70 rpm, shift 1 gear bigger and stand up for 1:00. Pedal easy 1:00
Repeat above 3 more times (total of 20 minutes of these intervals)
Pedal easy 3:00
3:00 High cadence (100 rpm), Zone 4, then pedal easy 2:00
Repeat above 2 more times (total of 15 minutes of these intervals)
Cooldown: pedal easy for 5:00.

Notes: On the one-legged drills, focus on pedaling smoothly and maintaining your form. Your leg is going to want to “skip” on the hard part of the stroke (the upstroke) but that’s what you want to avoid. Try to pedal at your normal cadence. You will feel it in your core and hip flexors!
When you’re standing up you want hardly any weight/pressure on your hands. Shift your weight back to your legs and keep a strong core (no side to side wobbling!). You should feel like you should still be able to “play the piano” on your handlebars if you’re maintaining proper form.

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