Thursday, January 17, 2013

FJ Tips to Travel

Today is a travel day which always makes me feel a bit antsy.

There is nothing more annoying to me than having to just sit... for any period of time.
Wouldn't it be amazing if planes came with a yoga studio!?!

Although it is only 5 hours, I always feel just  a touch more unhealthy whenever I get off a plane... with that in mind I am taking steps this morning to ensure I feel as good as possible when I land this evening.

1- I am hydrating a lot... plan to take a BIG water bottle onto the plane!

2- No plane food. I have already decided on this... sometimes I think that the soggy sandwich will taste good (it never does), or I am really hungry and buckle under the pressure... This will not be happening today.

3- Healthy Breakfast: soaked oats with banana, chia, hemp seeds, a few nuts/raisins and rice milk.

4- XL Juice this morning and enough for a quick shot of nutrition right before I leave the house. Double juice, double health.

5- Fitness before I go... I am definitely going for a run before I leave today, as this will  mentally help me with the prolonged sitting.

6- Make sure that I get out of my seat, stand and stretch a few times. 

7- Pack some vitamins for the plane... In my bag: C, D, B, a probiotic and Omega 3's. Necessary.

I think these 7 things, along with a couple of movies and maybe a nap, should keep me feeling great when I land. Bon voyage!

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