Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Set Your Intention

Do you have a goal that you have been trying to reach and find you are continually letting yourself down? 
Sometimes it helps to understand your intention behind the goal. 

If your goal is to run a marathon, but your motivation behind it is to prove to someone else that you can, then your intention is coming from a place of anger, and you will never finish that race or you will have an awful experience doing it. 

If you are trying to lose 10 pounds because you think your boyfriend won't marry you otherwise, the intention is coming from a place of fear, and you will continue to carry that weight.

The girl in the photo below is the Erica Blitz- she guided me through my Yoga teacher training and has been an amazing mentor in my life. 
She is always looking at the intention. Always questioning... "why? I know, but why? Yeah but WHY!?!"
 Seeking the real truth is never easy and it can be scary to dig that deep. Sometimes we don't want to know the real reason behind our actions. For me however, realizing my intentions are what inspire me to focus. If the intention is wrong I need to evaluate it and carry on, or drop it. 

When I first finished Ironman the natural question from everyone was, "When is the next?"... and that made my heart speed up a bit. I felt anxious thinking about undertaking another big event, but would always smile and give an ambiguous answer to cover that insecurity. 
 Then I almost signed up because I felt so much pressure... like one Ironman was not enough. But my intention to sign up was to impress others, and when I started to realize that nobody really cares, and that one is incredible for now, and that deep down I know I don't want to do it a second year in a row, I let go. I didn't sign up. And it felt so right because it came from a place of truth.   

Run the race to feel strong and empowered in your body. 
Lose the weight because you are not being true to your authentic self by keeping it on. 
Check your intention.  

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