Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who Runs the World? GIRLS!

As per usual, the Tuesday GWA Spinners gave it their all in class yesterday...

The thing I love most about group fitness, and especially about teaching group fitness, is the way energy can be transformed in 60 minutes.  
Generally people show up to class a little sleepy... maybe they were out late the night before, were up with a baby, or are even a little hungover...
Whatever the reason, it is always amazing how things have shifted at the end of a workout- people are alert, they feel happier, they are chatting to one another and visibly appear to be more willing to take on their day.

But it is not accomplished alone and with a group of ladies only, I notice it even more.  It is the group mentality. It is that we all did it together. It is that when one feels tired, they can look out and see others pushing....  that is what is so uplifting. 

As an instructor I feel it all... and it is incredible.

Great work girls.

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