Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Healthy Snacking

Working a demanding job where time is ALWAYS of the essence, it is super important to be ready for those moments in the day where the blood sugar starts to dip and all you can think about is eating a _____ (Insert:cookie.chocolate.candy.chips... )
When we have no time we tend to revert to those easy items, and running across the street to grab that oversized blueberry muffin feels like the only thing that is right in the moment.

I admit I am not always prepared in these circumstances, and have found myself in line at Starbucks during that midday slump looking at the Island Oat Bar and thinking it’s a good idea…. It never is.

BUT- when I do have my act together and plan the night before, I feel so much better because I have a healthy option that keeps me from giving into that sugar craving and the inevitable crash.

Here are some easy snacks that you can prepare and have on hand at work:
-         10-15 Almonds (We have a bunch of pre-packaged ones at work which are perfect for someone like me… I could probably eat a whole bag if left unsupervised)
-         An apple with cheese or peanut butter
-         Small can of flavored tuna with cucumber
-         Oatmeal or soaked oats… On a really long day or big fitness day I make two of these- 1 for morning, 1 for afternoon
-         Banana, Spinach, Protein Powder Smoothie
-         Green Juice
-         4-5 Prunes
-         Slice of whole wheat or Gluten Free bread with avocado
-         2 Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter
-         Crackers and Hummus
- A Banana 
- Pre-cut carrots with hummus or tzaziki 

 Let's face it, it’s usually not that we can’t think of these things on our own, but being prepared and organized takes effort. Decide to make this a part of your routine and see what kind of changes you feel.... 

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