Monday, January 14, 2013

The Dirty Dozen Vs. The Clean Fifteen

It can be overwhelming and expensive to buy organic.  Fortunately not all of our fruits and veggies need to be organically grown in order to be considered relatively safe.

Below is a list of the Clean Fifteen and the Dirty Dozen. The D12s need to be organic as they are the fruits and vegetables sprayed with the most pesticides. The Clean 15 are those you can get away with buying non-organic.

Sometimes the healthiest choice is not always the most economical, but if you can save some money on the one side and splurge on the other, you are doing the right thing for both your health and your wallet.

The Dirty Dozen: 
1- Peach
2- Apple
3- Bell Pepper
4- Celery
5- Nectarine
6- Strawberries
7- Cherries
8- Kale
9- Lettuce
10- Grapes 
11- Carrot
12- Pear

The Clean Fifteen: 
1- Onion 
2- Avocado 
3- Sweet Corn 
4- Pineapple
5- Mango 
6- Asparagus
7- Sweet Peas
8- Kiwi 
9- Cabbage 
10- Eggplant
11- Papaya
12- Watermelon 
13- Broccoli 
14- Tomato 
15- Sweet Potato 

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